Gaia a being like myself?

Who has read “the revenge of gaia” from James Lovelock?  For years he was criticized and his hypothesis not taken for real, but never disproven in terms of scientific release.  Generations later he comes out with the latest book and still the earth is alone in its plea.  Wars, terrorist attacks, economic beliefs hit the news and make the media soar.  My environmental studies are just beginning, but time is running out and my consciousness is busy with obvious tasks not so easily taken in a daily routine.  I sold my car yesterday and even at this simple deed I did not complete it the way I had wished.  As my Peugeot may be old, but still in good shape I was not able to recycle or make it unfit for anyone else.  At the dealer there were just tons of the same, standing around taking up space and covering the soil.  It is easy to walk or ride public transportation in Switzerland, so this is a blessing for the start. It is just a start and time is running fast.  Have we passed the point of no return, is the question most delicate asked of environmental scientists all over this world.  It takes years if not centuries for the stratosphere to recover its balance for living beings below.  It is so easily concluded, not to worry the earth will survive with or without us humans (as some swift bankers conclude and keep in business as usual).  But, we are as gaia and gaia is as we are.  If something is doing her harm, she will shake and rattle and finds means of recover, this system has worked for billions of years.  She is getting older and fragile and is being challenged with unjust dismantling of substances all over this place.  My energy comes from within and I know how to shift my weight and catch the flow.  My body has aged and my spirit is strong, the similarities are there and it need be shown.  It is our intake of food, fuel and fun which is crippling us so.  Our technology is wiser and can deliver what we need without touching the earth  for years if you understand and can accept the truth for a long while.

It is just the beginning of a great change, but listen first to your body and take science, real science (for now not close to mass-media claims of relevance) seriously.  Is it just another tribal fight fought for our own existence, or the existence of a greater whole?

Each one is in charge and we are all very very dependant on each others skills.

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Polyamore a fad a habit a way of life or just an excuse?

Being single again after a long-term relationship has brought me into the scope of hunting one’s prey with some bait on the line.  It is especially interesting the belief of who is the predator.  Going straight on in an unchallenged fashion making the kill at first sight, or observing the spectacle and faking the scene to throw-out the leash by chance at a better display.  The discourse is unique as it is a one chance for most, so give all you can and make it complete.  How truthful do you need to be or how dishonest can you get?  Later explanation may settle some steam and burst other dreams, but who is truly behind all those lines and pixels and misty perfumes?  It is a new outlook on life, as I feel more aware and in tune to the elements of having been born many a moments ago!

But, what is this thing so much talked and gossiped about – polyamore?  Shared love, shared sex, shared men, shared women, shared intimacy, shared life?  When and where if at all does jealousy or trust or committment take place, as the many a books having grained thoroughly these subjects attained importance all after the fact.  Is it different for a man than it seems for me?  I can share a life or share a love or share my friends, do I wish to share my venus or share a struddle?  It certainly gets touchy, perhaps for some very obvious reasons and then I can still choose the monastery close by.  Our non-human animal friends make relations and keep their sparing partners mostly until death do them part.  We human animals find it most challenging with even a manuscript of verification to our highest courts, to make this a true statement of honour the least.  Be assured, I am no saint and have broken this word myself once or twice.  So where lies the puzzle to put me in place?  I can walk and I can ride, but never can I hide myself too long and evade that which is made to come to end or yet another bend.

the train, the stream, the ducks and me

the train, the stream, the ducks and me

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My personal balance sheet of life at once glance

Our Birth is our Opening Balance!

Our Death is our Closing Balance!

Our Prejudiced Views are our Liabilities

Our Creative Ideas are our Assets

Heart is our Current Asset

Soul is our Fixed Asset

Brain is our Fixed Deposit

Thinking is our Current Account

Achievements are our Capital

Character & Morals, our Stock-in-Trade

Friends are our General Reserves

Values & Behaviour are our Goodwill

Patience is our Interest Earned

Love is our Dividend

Children are our Bonus Issues

Education is Brands / Patents

Knowledge is our Investment

Experience is our Premium Account

The Aim is to Tally the Balance Sheet Accurately.

The Goal is to get the Best Presented Accounts Award.


Some very Good and Very bad things …

The most destructive habit …..…………………………….. Worry

The greatest Joy …………..…….……………………………… Giving

The greatest loss ……………………………. Loss of self-respect

The most satisfying work ……………………….. Helping others

The ugliest personality trait …………………………. Selfishness

The most endangered species …………….. Dedicated leaders

Our greatest natural resource ………………………… Our youth

The greatest “shot in the arm”………………. Encouragement

The greatest problem to overcome ……………………….. Fear

The most effective sleeping pill ………………… Peace of mind

The most crippling failure disease ………………………. Excuse

The most powerful force in life ……..………………………. Love

The most dangerous pariah …………..…………………. A gossip

The world’s most incredible computer ..…………… The brain

The worst thing to be without ……..………………………. Hope

The deadliest weapon ………………………………… The tongue

The two most power-filled words ……………………… “I Can”

The greatest asset …………………..………………………….. Faith

The most worthless emotion …….……………………. Self- pity

The most beautiful attire …….……………………………. SMILE!

The most prized possession …………………………… Integrity

The most powerful channel of communication …….. Prayer

The most contagious spirit …………………………. Enthusiasm

Life ends; when you stop Dreaming,

Hope ends; when you stop Believing,

Love ends; when you stop Caring,

And Friendship ends; when you stop Sharing…

(Thank you dearly Sam for this piece of words, kind regards,


a path

a path

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The History of the Pharma-Cartel

As long as my purchasing power lies in the hands of a master unknown to myself, will corruption sustain. What will it take to realize I am in control of my life?


the best medicine is free of charge

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Why is it Christmas and may I be merry?

Colors of Nature

Colors of Nature



Just two pictures out in the world signifying nothing particular other than out of ones doors to the big open space we think there before us in colors so rich and absorbing you’d believe vividly real is it now and soon it may be..

Two is allowed to replace and make do with our ancestors bleeding our genes to withhold our great talents and graciousness of God we pledge holy another may born selected to me in the mold of good grounds she embedded in him to arch-up the torches in lighthouses on cliffs of rough passage to claw our long nails empty-headed inching in cleavage so thoughtlessly tainted in trances paste wisely untouched yet be he flecked intimately.

Yes, I be merry and fruitful the bees to pass on our flowers and seeds of good taste.

Dance and be happy is all that I wish, your Gogofish!



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Sunny side up and Golden thighs yonder is a tango wonderland

Are you ready?

Find your balance, find his balance, take up the hold and make your presence bold.  The axes rotate and change from yours to his to some other place, just trust and shift lightly the weight in your extended heals to tip toes if so disposed.  Go bend in the knees and let turn your bones in sockets to free the grand steps to one side of the parterre.  Anticipate non, but be ready to sprint out of sockets and swing the pendulum evenly.  One step, two steps, three steps back and the last one crisscrossed on peaked mountains vase to fall smoothly on bare grounded grass.  The touches the turns the smells and sweet air, make walking an ease like water in spring fields.  Think nothing think all, forget nothing forget all, but mostly yourself and take up the joy of living your space in our blessed universe.

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Powerhouse me to become a Dream Change Mashine

Woman networking is different and I believe in the long-run maybe smarter.  Last night I attended one coincidentally.  As I was walking out of the tram to attend my Ballet class a co-dancer accompanied me on the way into class and we had a short exchange of words.  She was able to convince me to join her at a women’s event just after our class.  She is in the process of quitting her job and I had quit mine several months earlier and with that we are both in the “new-orientation-mode”.

The engaged speaker of the evening was a leading HR professional from a notable Swiss firm, and she was excellent, authentic and certainly knew how to catch her audience well.  It is about taking pleasure at who we are viewing in the mirror while entering the bathroom in the morning, or about finding our talents and having them being seen or confirmed by our closest friends.  It is also about being able to say at the end of the day, “Yes, I had a fun day”.  It may need many coincidences in life to get us where we feel most at home, as life itself was never planned.  After the speech we moved ourselves into groups of discussion.  I don’t know how the rest of them were led, but the small group I attended was a creative exchange of what was being tossed about in our heads and then again a shift to introductions, while keeping track of the measles case at home with the overtaxed dad (from one of the enchanting professionals sitting on my side).  Another beautifully stunning young lady with bright red lips and captivating headgear, spoke equally well and summed up our thoughts, without giving price to her name or whereabouts she came.  Women networking is different, exchanges of business cards or business attractions are subinterests to ourselves and our environment.  Good feelings move us along, with or without business gains to see on the spot.  I believe it is okay that business comes second to all and especially to value of life, because it just needs one deep look at where man’s business networks have led our world, to see that something is maybe off-balance here, especially entwined with financial-business skills of the honey-hived mills.

It is a consumer’s market and corporations like banks depend on consumers.  Democracy is mirrored in what a consumer will or will not vote for consciously and willingly.  All businesses depend on consumers and consumers have lived thousands if not millions of years without knowledge of Gucci, Google, or Louis Vuitton.  Zara like Nestlé were born out of the hands of consumers and need to be fed continuously for means of existence – a business life is fully dependent on how a consumer feels and what dreams each on of us holds.  This POWER in unlimited and available to all who realize their own uniqueness of being here.

The encouragement went on and so is my drive for John Perkins to attend his speech and more here in Zurich next year. “More” to follow on program and details in upcoming blogs.  In the meantime there is so much to dream of: Shapeshifting

Dream Change Mashine

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Stealing Africa – Why Poverty?

Stealing Africa – Why Poverty?.

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What sommertime pictures keep your spirits high?

This sommer with a newly made friend and full of pictures on the go:

Shooting Stars

Shooting Stars

Stand-bye your bike

Stand-bye your bike

Yoga bend with friend

Yoga bend with friend

beauty on the road, the color stained, the fokus on, my friend so near to shoot the shots unknown

beauty on the road, the color stained, the fokus on, my friend so near to shoot the shots unknown



When we arrived at the lodge, Annie was busy taping her fingers.  She was very involved with some other guests, talking about their 70-year old dishwasher needing repairs – wow, I don’t know even one having outlasted a ten or twenty year term, or that their existence had been so long.  Anyway, Annie kept talking and taping and we kept eating and chilling.  We did catch on and so did her charm, what a blessing to those hills behind.

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Do you need an army of soldiers around your backyard?

In an article on the discussion of compulsory military service, I just read in a Swiss Paper, called „KULT“, 8006 Zürich, I abstracted the following text, with some of my own interpretations (in italic):

„It doesn’t matter to me what is finally voted for in this compulsory military service debate, because in my opinion it is indifferent if the military is embodied with voluntary, professional, or draftees.  Much more crucial and decisive for me is the so far neglected military requirement, that the military is always – I mean ALWAYS – on the side of its people, this being their only and highest obligation, under times of peace relevant doctrines on law and order, to protect every single private individual’s liberties in the country, only for this reason can a military exist and for no other reason (except to protect the earth itself for the sole value of universal survival).  In cases of doubt, this form of defence can even mean going against its own government, if the government passes laws and orders which undermine or dissolve a people’s freedom or privacy as a civilian or a nation as a whole, and wishes to misuse the national army upon its civilians to enforce these inhuman orders.  The defence and the protection is composed for an individual’s free liberties in a free society, indeed against external elements, but also against the inner self.  This protection of the inner self can go beyond the forms of self-destruction a person may do on his or her own due to personal addictions, but go as far as the killing of the globe we all live on, due to personal addictions a few global players may be dealing with.  Should one single soldier be forced to go unjustly against the liberties of an individual of the land, then he is compelled to deny and refuse this order.  No matter where this order may have come from.  This must stand in bold letters in our constitution.  Thereafter we can discuss, which system of recruitment may best fit our military services.  But it can be of no discussion, if we should abolish our military.  This we should not.  »

This article was written from Rainer Kuhn (excerpts in italic added from me).  It could also be an army’s sole mission to protect a people’s money – what ever color this money or people may have – is this a case for the Swiss ?  No don’t be fooled by reality, go back to fiction and have an army to protect the globe, fiction becomes reality soon enough.

your Gogofish

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