Is Our NEWS Fit For The GAME of LOVE?

Dear lovely friends across our beautiful planet Earth.

One of my old friends here in Zurich gave me the following information. Although it seems realistic and I checked some of its material myself, I advise each one of us to do this – if and when there is doubt. Our media is biased and challenging our beliefs. Also, our relationships with the ever growing “authorities” is dependent on how we saw our “authorities” as a child. If there are any unsolved mysteries in those relationships with our parents or grandparents or who ever raised and cared for us as a child, then this will be the pattern for our feeling with the “establisment” in the process of our indoctrination of the CV. Do we blindly trust authority, or do we see authorities as our enemies or do we see them as humans who also have their set of unsolved mysteries? It will be up to each one of us on what we create out of this “crisis” – our new turning point in reality – real life. Are we in equilibrium with our past, future and present moment? Have we done our personal homework for the grace of injuries inflicted upon us? Can I see unfiltered and stay focused on the LOVE I carry within my soul and the LIGHT I ignite with each moment experienced in higher consciousness to embrace my fellow man with unconditional love?

So here’s the game:

“George Soros financed a 100 million virus research lab in Wuhan very close to the Chinese lab that was looking into bat virus’. They took and used a bat virus from that Chinese lab. They did not change or edit the virus at all, but they worked out a way to envelope it in a new kind of thick protein. The protein, not the virus is the story here. This protein does three things: 1) It keeps the virus from being recognized by the immune system until the virus is well established. This is why people can be contagious for ten days before showing any symptoms. 2) It keeps the virus alive for days instead of hours, if someone coughs and it lands somewhere. 3) It enables them to develop aerosol spray dispensers without destroying the virus. This is an evil man made bio weapon, built around a bat virus. The protein they put around it is what makes it a bio weapon.

Ground zero was not the fish market but the October Wuhan Military Games. There were over 9000 athletes from over 100 countries. They were in good shape. Most did not get very sick. They went back to their home countries, were contagious and gave the disease to hundreds of people, and the pandemic grew from there. The Wuhan games was the perfect place to start a global pandemic. The Soros Wuhan lab also created the vaccine Bill Gates is now trying to peddle. That vaccine is also an asymmetric bio weapon.”

where are we feeding from our daily news? all the information we need has already been collected in the Zeropoint Field – from there all creates our past and our future, from the conscious present moment. So it is possible to reshape our own history and reshape our future so that we can live the present moment in an atmosphere of LOVE the unconditional LOVE we may not have experienced as a child. We are still the children of creation and it is up to each ONE of us. ONE for ALL and ALL for ONE. May God bless us. Namasté, Jesera

perhaps an interesting site to discover…


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