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Is this Illusion our Blessing?

Is our whole life but an illusion? Is fear an illusion? Is money an illusion? From the day our spirits evolve to manifest form into this illusion, our dreams may emerge and lead our mindbodies astray. My thoughts are gone, … Continue reading

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Do you need an army of soldiers around your backyard?

For me it doesn’t matter what is finally voted for in this compulsory military service debate, because for me it is indifferent if the military is embodied with voluntary, professional, or militia men and women. Much more crucial and decisive for me is the sofar neglected military requirement, that the military is always – I mean ALWAYS – be on the side of its people, this being their only and highest assignment, in accordance to times of peace relevant doctrines on law and order, to protect every single private individual’s liberties in the country, only Continue reading

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US Armee gay to legalize homo-sexuality as general rule of law

US Armee gay to legalize homo-sexuality as general rule of law / US-Armee Oberstes Gericht verlängert umstrittene Schwulen-Regelung: “Don’t task, don’t tell (Frage nicht, sage nichts)” – such in the law! Isn’t this the solution to the solution? More and … Continue reading

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