With all attention being focused on the cv made in cn, it made me wonder; what other issues are we confronting as a species on this planet. I have been following Dr. Sylia Earle for years and even support her Mission Blue on my website gogofish.ch. So I believed this is a good time to post her latest video made in Florida presenting a re-naturalised eco-system on its coastline. As water is as essential to our existence on this planet as Love ist, it is certainly good news to spread about now.

Perhaps you may have some issues at heart which wish to be shared with others at this vital time in our species history.

Please keep connected and in the mode of LOVE, this is our greatest asset. We as humans, each one of us, to create a world that thrives; as we are light beings gifted with the greatest strength this universe knows – the ability to LOVE and CARE. Om Shanti Om, Jesera

Dr. Sylvia Earle visit on Florida’s coastline

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