Have we forgotten about Climate Change and the 5D Paradigm Shift?

This documentary was made in the summer of 2018, about our paradigm shift – where we were all focus on our earth’s “climate”.  Now we are again more concerned about our own well-being, which is good.  Let us not; however, be distracted from what is inevitable on this planet – a shift of frequencies, polar shift and guidance from alliances throughout our universe.  To experience this consciously, it is essential to confront our fears and come into peace and harmony within our bodies. There are many spiritual healers out there for our assistance, if we feel too left alone.  Feeling into my self, I best know whom to trust and reach-out for. The CV, as heavy and traumatic as is it, it may just be part of our distraction.

We are intelligent beings and I see how creative we have become through our new mandated practices. This acknowledges our brilliance.  Let us acknowledge our love for humanity. Namasté.

Paradigma Shift: the 5D Shift documentary

All our illusions and detouring facts with fiction, do make it challenging to remain in allignment with our source energy.  Walks into nature, or the clear view of the sprouting tree across my window, help me to remain focused and confront our collective fears.  I try to speak to anyone crossing my paths of daily life, albeit in person or in any other means, we are always connected – it is just an illusion, our separation.  Our energy is LOVE and the universe desires our LOVE for equilibrium.  We all cary light within us, this light is magic and can create at any instance a new reality.  What are we wishing and dreaming for our existence.  TANGO UNITES OUR DREAM INTO BEING. Tango is more than just a dance. It is Tango Tuning – Step by Step into the Zero-Point-Field. The Field were all our history, future and present moment unites and can gets reshuffled for a new reality.



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