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What Unacknowledged Secrecy Policies Keep US Blind?

Although we cannot see to the bottom of the ocean, we know of its existence. I watched this documentary on Netflix last evening and it gave me utmost force to be keen on disclosing what has been withheld on knowledge … Continue reading

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Do you need an army of soldiers around your backyard?

For me it doesn’t matter what is finally voted for in this compulsory military service debate, because for me it is indifferent if the military is embodied with voluntary, professional, or militia men and women. Much more crucial and decisive for me is the sofar neglected military requirement, that the military is always – I mean ALWAYS – be on the side of its people, this being their only and highest assignment, in accordance to times of peace relevant doctrines on law and order, to protect every single private individual’s liberties in the country, only Continue reading

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Nationalbank: “Vernünftig und risikoreich” / Nationals sane and risk their riches

Nationalbank: “Vernünftig und risikoreich” Die Schweizer Presse begrüsst mehrheitlich die Entscheidung der Nationalbank, den Franken mit einer Kursuntergrenze von 1,20 Franken an den Euro zu binden. Unisono weist sie aber auch auf das Risiko einer solchen Massnahme hin. “Natürlich kann … Continue reading

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Der Franken als Spekulationsobjekt / Objects of franc bacon

Der Franken als Spekulationsobjekt / Franken schwächer – Massnahmen der SNB zeigen Wirkung. Der Franken schwächt sich am Freitag weiter ab. Ein Euro kostet zeitweise wieder mehr als 1 Franken 10. Die Massnahmen und die Worte der Nationalbank zeigen Wirkung. … Continue reading

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How the Banks Create the World’s Money

How the Banks Create the World’s Money / The Money Masters “It is easy to conceive that great evils to our country and its institutions might flow from such a concentration of power in the hands of a few men … Continue reading

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Swiss National Bank develops new Helvetian Wealth

The Swiss National Bank hires new competence for its Financial Regulator. Crisis welcomed with strength through untasted job separation. 1. Risks near to ones heart enable immediate remittance in due course of necessity. 2. At time of inception the Swiss … Continue reading

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