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How can the Madra-Codex bring us to our higher consciousness for our challenge of tempering change?

The challenge for us humans in the collective is to come in harmony with our planet Earth, with Mother Nature. Since the beginning of industrialization in the 19th century and the consequential depletion and depletion of our planet’s natural resources, … Continue reading

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Is G5 A Wake-Up Call To Our DNA ?

In whose real interest is this latest move in technology?  Alterations within our DNA on the longrun and ongoing ailments towards our health are possibly the least of our concerns.  Please take time to study what is actually behind this … Continue reading

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How Can Conscious Knowledge About Glyphosate Cure Our Immune System?

I do believe it is possible to correct things long gone wrong with enough smart choices made by people able to choose for themselves. This doesn’t stop with the consumer, but rather starts with myself…. Continue reading

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Is my good life pure justice?

At the last of the moment I decided to cancel my no-refund flight to the US to visit a friend and use the rest of the time for getting professional expertise on the interactive Tango project I’ve been working on … Continue reading

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my kitchen window I see it now, all its branches full of snow the leaves not gone, just waiting low behind the scene I make believe the kids are not at school some grander tasks take hand the child to … Continue reading

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My personal balance sheet of life at once glance

Our Birth is our Opening Balance! Our Death is our Closing Balance! Our Prejudiced Views are our Liabilities Our Creative Ideas are our Assets Heart is our Current Asset Soul is our Fixed Asset Brain is our Fixed Deposit Thinking … Continue reading

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Anger and fear me, but kill not in vain

I am sure to die upon this earth, awaken never feared the darkened night they’ve made me hunger stretched and limb, but when time comes the milky way shines-up clearly spotted richness held through deeper soil in other ages years … Continue reading

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I screw, therefore I am – relinquishment a cure?

My thoughts may not be as free as my hands, but my guts are real.  The fireman leaves the house before it falls, the motorcycle wak shifts a gear on stumple tracks, a naked bushman crumples dead to save his … Continue reading

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Do my daily errors bring me to life?

Sometimes I get up in the morning and find myself in an ugly mood – I find faults in that which may greet me so innocently, walking about with unbrushed teeth and a steaming coffee cup.  I dress-up casually as … Continue reading

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Free Money

Free money is dear. Free money is clear. Free money is in gear. I buy what I need with that I can spare. I eat what I need with that I can cook and wear. My freedom ends where yours … Continue reading

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