Just a few weeks ago this picture was taken at the Silberweide Greifensee, Switzerland.  News of climate change beneficiaries, Navy disclosures, UFO’s, Extraterrestrials, illuminati businesses, beliefs and LOVE, to list a few of my underlying interests, have filled my mind.  Lost in all of these elements, has evolved out of my inner soul, the desire to uplift my heartful passion towards our loving flesh.  This never lies and can only “give” out of sheer intention to create connection.  It may have been a freudian slip whilst in discussion with my dear friend, Lukas, but i soon realized; the quite significant use of the pun “my climax”.

We are full in transition, as we always have been, just with the slight difference; impulses are being sent from outer cosmic space and from within the core of our planet. The universe with all its galaxies and stars, as each unique planet, as each one of our cells, are constantly in the receiving mode.  It is with this conscious realization, that we can take an active and substantial committed part in this process.  Female energy has been denied to some extent even to ourselves in denial of our own strengths.  This energy is loved most by the playful universe and its source creator.  Like the games in Vegas, we have passed our balls through many obstacles and were able to reshoot as long as coins were being fed these hungry machines. Many different colors and mazes did these balls travel and had to surpass, yet only to be summed-up on a downhill path. Perhaps the earth in now shouting “GAME-OVER” or “TILT”; whatever, no coins can alter the course of nature.

Doing good and reaching out to those in need, keeps our hearts in tune and ourselves in higher frequencies. Last weekend as I was visiting Milano for another Tango weekend, I observed the rich culture of the Navigli area.  Charming canals and patches of greens between the artistic galleys, not-withstanding some debris on the sidelines. But when I got to a grander part of this city river, garbage was just about everywhere in sight.  I was standing with a short dress and high heels observing and letting the image sink in.

At one of the small coffee shops along the river, I bought myself a big empty garbage bag, took off my shoes.  For one hour I collected plastic bottles, plastic cups, plastic bags and other undefined non-biodegradable articles.  Then I moved onto the grass where I had been just standing around moments before.  More plastics and trash got into my big bag.  When I came up to a fairly new hand-bag tucked into a bush with a bunch of keys and plastic cards, images of body parts dawned on me.  Here came my own personal limitation and I placed all the collected debris into a nearby garbage collector and returned the newer items to the coffee shop with my short explanation.

Then I stood again along the Naviglio Grande and enjoyed the newly created image.  My Climax.



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