How can the Madra-Codex bring us to our higher consciousness for our challenge of tempering change?

The challenge for us humans in the collective is to come in harmony with our planet Earth, with Mother Nature. Since the beginning of industrialization in the 19th century and the consequential depletion and depletion of our planet’s natural resources, it is now essential to sharpen our awareness of how we shape the future on earth to ensure our survival. For each and every one of us, the question arises, how do I, myself, my family and my company get on the right track to successfully manage climate change?

Soils are the “living skin” of our earth. Formed by weathering over millennia, they form an indispensable basis of life for humans and habitat for flora and fauna, but are also a stabilizing medium for material and water cycles.

The soil is underestimated in its totality and benefits to us humans on this earth.
Man stands in the cycle between the core of the earth and the atmosphere, the ground is our anchor and elixir of life. Down-to-earth means constant exchange «dirt-sex» with available organisms in the direct environment. In the dirt we are clean and with dirt we grow up. No bacon without dirt, also in the vegetarian sense. The content of the ground nutrients depends on whether we get sick or remain healthy.

Through our actions we change the world. With a conscious playful or competitive approach, our actions can bring positive change.

Why do I start with the ground? Soils are the largest carbon dioxide storage bin on Earth after the oceans: some experts hope that the earth can counteract climate change – but at the moment, the opposite is true. (* Source 1) Soil as a carbon sink is not a constant, but reacts very dynamically to changes in greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere. Every slightesst movement in our universe counts, even the momentum of our sun not only changes our climate, but also the climate on other planets in our solar system. Perhaps we are not alone responsible for what is happening here on earth. When I recognized this truth, a new free spirit sprang up – never lose sight of the whole while creating new ideas. Just as every entrepreneur is willing to make the work of his employees serve as an entrepreneurial goal – with garanties of profit and success; it is likewise to master the work of our lives in harmony with nature.

What exactly happens in the soil and why it simultaneously contributes to carbon dioxide storage and works as a catalyst for the release of carbon dioxide will be listed in the piece of research. The reason why the soil contains such valuable information for every company success story, must be prioritized. We owe our drive, our recreation and our food, solely to the living soil. Fact one: dead soil – no fruit. Fact two: fertile soil – habitat for fauna and flora of any kind.

A transparent tool to take action – the CO2 Index – Summary
The CO2 Index consists of extrapolations, which are calculated by emission values ​​from our daily activities in the atmosphere. A good quality of life needs pollutant-free air to bring the abundance of geothermal energy back into space, thus dissipating the Greenhouse effect. A good quality of life also needs pure water to drink and fertile soil for our food, as well as a climate where people, animals and plants can thrive. The study of the factors influencing the index, as well as the composition of the projections, will be the core of the work. The aim of the work is to publish this CO2 index in an omnipresent manor – analog to the financial values ​​via Reuters – and to create an application app that gives people their ability to act for themselves.

Sooner or later, people will be interested in the effects of their actions. Perhaps we will evolve through a higher consciousness with new abilities to feed on this planet and continue to live healtha lives. This higher consciousness gives us more and more the certainty that we realize ourselves in harmony and interaction with everything. Causes of emergency bring forth our hidden talents. If distress is present for all of us at the same time, we can act collectively and let our true driving forces emerge and unfold.

Successful experiences are made transparent and visible. The CO2 index shows actions, such as a meatless Friday. On Friday, May 1, 2020, fish and meat will be dispensed with and lentils and beans will be eaten. 1 million inhabitants participate in this coordinated action. Reuters announces: “Coordinated action by 1 million people has prevented XXX tonnes of CO2 today.” This success for the individual to have participated in a joint action and get feedback via Reuters triggers contentment and joy. The feedback is essential and Reuters is important.
The unique selling proposition “USP” of the Madra Codex app for the CO2 Index is that the data are made public and understandable, and give individuals the ability to act. The question “if many people do something, does this in general affect the CO2 index?”, is a proposition to be tested through this work.

Or, if many companies implement change collectively and use a new Cleaner Production practice, can this storyline be promulgated – free advertising with win-win significance. The entrepreneur gets more attention for his service or products and saves resources and energy for the environment.

What are the motives for positive environmental action based on an index?

(“To explain the paradoxes of another famous Index GDP, the United States Senator RF Kennedy’s, in his famous speech of March 1968 at the University of Kansas, said that this index measures everything in short except that it makes life worthwhile (Kennedy 1968). “Quoted from, A pragmatic approach to evaluate alternative indicators to GDP; L. Fasolo, M. Galetto, E. Turina
From the words of Senator R.F. Kennedy points out that the aspirations of all people can lead a livable life and not the mere presentation of an economic indicator. )

A healthy earth allows a desirable life for humans. Love heals all wounds, can our love heal the wounds of the earth? Although this assertion drifts into esotericism, it nonetheless is a capacity of human emotions worthy to explore. Worthy to explore especially since the knowledge is proven that emotions are necessary for business success. I feel this universal urge of our higher consciousness and with this the desire to heal our earth, whilst healing ourselves. Therefore, the question of love and affection for ourselves and thus for our environment, is brought to fokus. The higher consciousness will lead us more and more in life. Just as we love in our private lives, we live our professional lives. Yes, in my perception, love has a lot to do with entrepreneurship. The CO2 index indicates not only the state of the air, but also the love and emotions of humanity for the earth. Today we know that only 5% of a purchase decision has to do with technical competence and 95% is purely driven by emotions.

Three questions about the scientific work:
1. Is human behavior visible on the basis of constantly updated CO2 values? A statement that has to be proven. For this purpose, literature, examples and background considerations are underpinned. Existing CO2 indices will be examined, compared and assessed for suitability to represent human entrepreneurship.

2. Do people with entrepreneurial responsibility start to act differently, due to the fact that daily / weekly reports about the CO2 values are published? What brings man to change his behavior with his company? Are the facts of values ​​enough, or do you need completely different motives for action? If survival issues, such as feeding the family and receiving a job, are the main focus, then what can a number in an index do? Why does it take the approach of a CO2 Index to change behavior – individually and collectively, in a community or business? For this either existing polls are used or new polls are generated.

3. If people are well-informed, will they act in an environmentally beneficial way? If it only works on doctrined measures such as in Stuttgart or in Ticino, if the values ​​exceed a certain limit, limited driving is required. How does the implementation of action take place, does it need political incentives, subsidies or penalties. Is voluntary action sufficient for corporate initiatives, or does it need new rules?

Basic knowledge:

Companies and banks recognize the advantages of “green industry” and cleaner production, which bring significant economic benefits. Sustainable management saves resources and saves costs, thus increasing profits and ultimately sustainable business success. The benefits of a sustainable life on an individual basis enable a healthy life as a whole.

Methodology / The following general steps are used:
• Investigation of the CO2 index, or values ​​according to the relevance and correlation to human action – what gives the 100% measuring value for the index, from the Kyoto Protocol 1992?
• ways of human motivation and behavior; Polls of what a CO2 index may effect
• Selection of the appropriate representation
• Implementation with apps, which store data and create individual activity listings
• Lobby, exploring communities of interest which promote equality of financial indices – appropriate representation which serve sustained motivation – politics, press, media and thus ultimately to engage Reuters.

Literature Source:

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