How Can Conscious Knowledge About Glyphosate Cure Our Immune System?

The earth is sodden sold with guts of kings, my stomach growls the weeds we’ve bent, so easy now my tongue is tied no longer hidden is their hide; with pride I stride to shift some gears and live to give what others leave in truth so clear is our land our own beloved kind.

Ofcourse with use of our creative minds, it is also possible to remain immune to all sorts of harmful human influenced inputs embedded in our daily lives.  As our brain makes little or no difference between fantasy and reality, so it may be possible to remain healthy wealthy and wise without reading beyond these lines.  Just keep your spirits high and live  life consciously with an abundance of appreciation and love.

For those seeking deeper knowledge and insights into our food chain, here I found a well-covered article on glyphosate. Glyphosate News

I do believe it is possible to correct things long gone wrong with enough smart choices made by people able to choose for themselves.  This doesn’t stop with the consumer, but rather starts with myself.  Decisions are being made at every moment and so I need great care on what effect my decisions have for other people living on this enduring planet.

A good friend of mine, Lukas, mentioned new discoveries of virgin soils well able to restore our memory for a functional immune system.  So once a STOP is put to Round-Up world-wide, our earth can be refurbished to enable plants, animals and ourselves to heal themselves.  Too much of a fantasy or a possible reality?

two young people living in harmony with nature

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