Is it a Woman’s World we have made for Man’s Comfort?

I have been writing this blog for over 7 years now, with this fairy tale wish of my writings igniting some sort of change for improvement on man’s stand in coexistence with nature.  This wish is still to come true.  We women know of our inner strengths, men know of our inner strengths, nature sure knows of a woman’s inner strength; yet, we use so little of it in life.  We have been mass-mediated to suffice with our role of pleasing the opposite gender.  A gender so weak on the inside, that they need build empires for show and strongest engines to grow ever bigger and better each time around.  Women are made to cover themselves, so their beauty is trapped and energy confined.  Women may at some ends be made to endure hardships of daily life, or just be the pretty picture as an ornament detached.  Who is at fault, the men, the women, a few, or the whole lot?

We can all see where this man-serving world has brought our planet ocean and for the price of security, love, awareness, recognition, or whatever your reason may be.  How much longer can we wait, to live-out our true strength and show the world how a life in support of nature can be lived without a rupture of the land and the sea?

No ocean, no life. No blue, no green. A life with water and our lives with men.


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