One Thing Every Scientist Must Understand About Hydrogen

An Open Letter to the World of Science – Walter Russell

My latest endeavor is producing a documentary film on our adaption with the environment.  Some of my research has given me new insights on how misinterpreted our school chart of the table of elements was.  Plus, why little is being done about getting this sense for knowledge in motion.  Is the Liquid Floride Thorium Reactor (LFTR) truelly the best option for generating green energy?  The research goes on and so does our Mission Blue from Dr. Sylvia Earle.

With the help of this drawing, you can immediately recognize why splitting of atoms is the wrong way for humanity to go: Uranium, plutonium, thorium, etc.., are all old elements (bottom of the line).  These elements want to dissolve in the universe, so they basically have a life-negating energy (deteriorating energy, radioactivity). At the top of the drawing are the life-giving, young element, which is just known to us as hydrogen (see also book: Atomic Suicide). Hydrogen opens up a whole new orchestra and elements are always in motion through gases.

Information that was to be held back for another 1000 years

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