please yourself

I do, every day.  It is usually the first I do when my body takes notice of the light and the last twitch my body makes to settle me at night.  Perhaps I do this consciously and take pleasure in its relief.  Compounding my energy which is stalked up inside.  I may not live forever, as the soil I lay upon, but I treasure every moment which I breathe in shared simplicity.

Time is scarce and few people read blogs as silly as mine.  So I keep it short and shoot out what occupies my mind.

Don’t we all please ourselves, daily?  My mom, my dad, my sister, my brother, my employees, my shareholders, my stockholders, my bank, my firm, my clients, my competitors, my neighbors, my fans, my followers, my teachers, my students, my partners, my lovers, my escorts, my oh my world are pleasing themselves in beliefs so gladly sworn.  I have never worked in my life, I have never needed to work at anything at all.  Money was always there, in greatest abundance out of question and no subject to convey.  So I buy what I please and live as I choose.  No matter of consequences, far from my mind.  Funny the folks moving about and laboring their hours.  No time for play and getting a lay.

The empires and islands I’ve built are more majestic than any coral reef had done in its most flourishing days.  The passages for transport I’ve cleared to suffice my appetite, can be seen from the skies.  I consume and I consume and I consume, so I do enjoy with greatest trust I must be a child of multitude.

Planet Ocean

my world


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