The history of my pimple

One morning I awoke and felt something new upon my skin.  Perhaps an outer part I’d not discovered times before, but now a conscious effort to feel a hubble so close and near.  Half asleep and dull to light, I savored well this new delight.  I pressed my fingers all around and found it swelled upon its rosy twitch of skin.

I did awake and dress myself.  No difference felt with closer sight.  My friends took notice of some change, so concious I became how this part could guide my day.  A grown-up lady now I felt, a new discovery of my bodies plight.  So I learned more about this structure growing slow then popping-out what’s meant to go.  Well not really so, it travels elsewhere then I presume and gives relief to some at least I know.

Funny thought I had with this, as my pimple is in the midst of some swifty Swiss, quite the pimpel stalking deep a truest phallus pure and mighty in my sleep.

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