What a day. It lies hot upon my sun-specked skin. It fills my emptied solemn heart.  It sums up some unfilled chores.  It makes me easy in my hidden pride.

But I recollected other times and endow richness growing deep.  Two small girls on their bikes passed me by the other day.  Not a sole to see, beyond myself, walking home with my pully cart from a store I’d found not far a part.  The two girls got off their bikes to cross the street, as their routine training had most likely made its marks upon their automated skills.  No other cars of even riders near for miles, but they got off their bikes and looked in both directions well and smart.  Oh, the many grey herons did they notice these along the creek.  The nearly teenagers rode along cheerful and with giggles pleasing ears so dear.

Sunday… I love the days in Sun.

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