Sunny side up and Golden thighs yonder is a tango wonderland

Are you ready?

Find your balance, find his balance, take up the hold and make your presence bold.  The axes rotate and change from yours to his to some other place, just trust and shift lightly the weight in your extended heals to tip toes if so disposed.  Go bend in the knees and let turn your bones in sockets to free the grand steps to one side of the parterre.  Anticipate non, but be ready to sprint out of sockets and swing the pendulum evenly.  One step, two steps, three steps back and the last one crisscrossed on peaked mountains vase to fall smoothly on bare grounded grass.  The touches the turns the smells and sweet air, make walking an ease like water in spring fields.  Think nothing think all, forget nothing forget all, but mostly yourself and take up the joy of living your space in our blessed universe.

About Jesera Golden

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